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Innovative Mentoring Program Aimed at Connecting Teens

The McKenzie Noelle Wilson Foundation has partnered with Take Stock in Children to create a new online peer-to-peer tutoring program connecting middle and high school students. The program is called IMPACT, and stands for Innovative Mentoring Program Aimed at Connecting Teens.

IMPACT originated with The McKenzie Noelle Wilson Foundation's belief that through volunteering and community involvement, teenagers can recognize their full potential. Through this program, high school students volunteer to be tutors in the place of adults, as they can relate to their peers and are more familiar with homework. IMPACT sessions take place online through a webcam and a program called Blackboard. On this program students can talk and use a virtual blackboard to do homework and study. Online tutoring also alleviates the issue of teenagers having to find transportation to a tutoring location.

The first year of IMPACT started in the spring of 2012 and has been a tremendous success! The pilot program is between Bolles High School tutors and Fletcher middle school students. Once a week, after school, high school volunteers use their computer lab at Bolles to connect with the middle school students, who utilize the computer lab at McKenzie's Academic Resource Center (MARC). For more information about MARC, click here. Each group of students is supervised by an adult sponsor. Positive relationships between students were nurtured and several of the middle school students saw an increase in their grades right away!

Take Stock in Children is a local nonprofit organization that offers students college scholarships, caring volunteer mentors and hope for a better life. Their comprehensive services start in middle school, continue through high school and include their transition into college.

Each middle school student currently enrolled in IMPACT has the opportunity to receive a full college scholarship from Take Stock in Children if they continue to receive tutoring from an upperclassman and mentoring from an adult, through high school. For more information about Take Stock in Children, visit

If you are interested in hosting the IMPACT program in your high school, please contact or call (904) 623-8023.
You can make a positive difference in the world by volunteering! We have a special volunteer website that allows you to sign up for volunteer opportunities and track your service hours. Go to McKenize Gives for more information. You only have to be 13-years-old to volunteer for most projects.

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